Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sales per platform - Big Mountain Snowboarding

Big Mountain Snowboarding has been out for a while now on iPhone, iPad, Android, and OSX. I thought it might be interesting to see a breakdown of where the sales are coming from, so without further ado:

I wish I had numbers for iPad vs iPhone, but that's one of the many downsides of releasing a universal binary. We're looking at adding Flurry to future releases to get that kind of info. If you look at our free version, it looks like about 40% of our users are on iPads.

The big surprise to me is iAds. We first ask for an iAd, then if none are available we go to Admob. As you can see, it fails to get an iAd fairly often, and the income wasn't even worth paying attention to. Sometime recently that changed and iAds picked up a huge amount of steam. Here's a picture of the iAds trend.

Additional Platforms:
  • Windows Phone 7 - No C++, so we decided to pass. Reading this link makes me not regret this decision.
  • WebOS - We'll probably eventually port to here.
  • Blackberry - Still waiting to hear details on the NDK and how they support Android apps.
  • Amazon Market - This is looking like it has potential. Once we finish up our current project we'll make the adjustments to get on it.

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