Thursday, October 18, 2012

What happens in the final stage of development?

We're in the process of getting Trick Shot Bowling into the Windows 8 release.  Here are the notes of what we've done in the past month or so to get ready.

* Fix/check pin sound modulation
* Fix gray text
* Fix minimap arrows
* Make interrupt pause removal not add to the gui stack
* Fix touch input for throwing the ball
* Fix ad spacing issues with new admob
* (No repro) Fix sound delay
* Icons
* Sidebar pause menu
* High/low graphics settings with lower res reflection
* Prevent gutterball sound in the ball pit
* Tweak gutterball sound zone, possible to hit without leaving the lane.
* Prevent gutterball sound from continuing to play if you skip
* Portrait
* Make pins heavier
* Make a 4 player game, exit the app, restart the app, start a new game with 4 players without clicking any add/remove players buttons.  Scorecard only has a player name for player 1.
*Play halfway through a game. Going back to the main menu and starting a new game does not reset the scorecard.
*in trick shot mode, pins sometimes do not disappear from the alley (may be related to skip button in some cases)
*in trick shot mode (at least), pins sometimes are not fully stabilized at the beginning of a ball (may be related to skip button, less certain in this case) (may or may not happen only between balls in the same frame)
* Stop the gutterball sound when the ball hits the ballpit
* Have two players with different balls.  Bowl a trick shot game with second ball.  Exit. Start a new non-trick shot game.  Player 1 uses player 2’s ball.
* Throw a ball down the lane, wait for it to hit the ball pit and immediately bring up the pause menu, go to ball select, wait for the skip button to show up, and then go back.  You will get stuck on the skip screen.
* In the store, select a ball (other than the 8lb and 44lb balls) and resume the game. Go back to the store and select the ball that has the same weight as the previously selected ball. Note that the rotating display ball model has not changed. This bug is probably related to the fact that the two balls share the same ball model. - Entity properties not properly being applied when a duplicate mat is in the scene.
*ball changes color visibly in the back of the alley when the player for the next ball is using a different ball color
* Make a low graphics option that doesn’t draw at full screen
* Ball textures
* Second page of balls
* Make ball properties do stuff (spin, speed)
* Modify pin icon to include a dollar sign
* Make sensitivity slider
* User was having trouble with the input being too sensitive to use. The arrow may be resetting too quickly, making spin too hard for new players.
* “Press any key to skip” -- should say “Press a key or touch the screen to skip.”
* Make trick shot alley screenshot be of trick shot alley
* Make starting pins be 0
* Remove framerate counter
* Link to tutorial from pause.
* “Draw an arc” in tutorial -- fix too-literal wording
* DDS the ball textures and ball icons
* Remove IAP page from win8 menus
* It appears to be possible to make the guide arrows disappear in the tutorial. Repro steps unknown.
* Implement openURL
* Text background during tutorial has a little white line at the top
* Ball pricing
* Final score gui was only showing first 8 frames, and no player name.
* It is also possible for a player to be using one ball but show a different ball’s icon. I am not sure what the repro steps are yet. (might be related to per-frame per-ent stuff in the shader)
* Store screenshots
* Promo images

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