Friday, January 18, 2013

Cross platform SDK cheat sheet


Build C++
Navigate to directory where the jni/ file is (there may be multiple projects -- do them in order of dependency).
Type into Terminal:

Get Crash Log Info:
Type into Terminal:

~/src/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/adb pull /data/anr/traces.txt .
This will put crash info into traces.txt

Determine where are a crash is in C++:
android-ndk-r7b/toolchains/arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.3/prebuilt/darwin-x86/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-addr2line -C -f -e 000708e6

Export a signed android apk:
Right click on the project in eclipse
Go to “Android tools”
Click export signed apk
Uninstall builds from device, and then use adb to install the signed apks for testing

Install a signed android apk:
~/src/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools/adb install SWNookTab.apk


Create a pvr texture
Download PVRTexTool from
From the command line use:
/Applications/PVRTexTool/PVRTexToolCL/MacOS_x86/PVRTexTool -f OGLPVRTC4 -i alley1icon.png -m -yflip0 -o ../GHBowlingiOS/alley1icon.pvr


Record a video
Go to applications and launch quicktime player
Run the mac build and resize the window to whatever
Quicktime menu bar: file, new screen recording
Click the little down arrow next to the record button to make it use microphone
Click the record button and choose record part of the screen.
Drag over the app window
Click record.

Touch all files in a directory
find . -exec touch {} \;

Get into Sandbox mode in GameCenter

Submit a new binary
In dev studio, Product->archive.
When that build finishes, organizer shows up.
Click the new binary in organizer, and click distribute.
Select Mac App Store
Log in to itunes connect when prompted
Select the application.  You must have already set the app to ready for upload on the web site.

To fix “does not contain a single-bundle application” error
From Tim Swast on stackexchange: “Turns out it is an issue with dependent projects in XCode 4. If this happens to you, go through the Build Settings for all your dependent projects (e.g. static libraries) and make sure that the "Skip Install" option under "Deployment" is set to YES.”

To get a receipt during development:
1) Sign the app with a development provisioning profile (not retail)
2) Make the app exit(173); from main.
3) Run the app once from finder (not from xcode)


Make a DDS file
contrib/texconv.exe -f [format] -o [outputdirectory] [file]
for format, use BC3_UNORM for textures that have alpha, BC1_UNORM for opaque textures

Windows Phone

Add data file(s) to the project (the C# project)
-Make an empty folder in the project to put the file(s) into initially
-Select Add -> Existing Item on the empty folder
-Multiselect all files you wish to add.
-Next to the “Add” button, click the arrow, select “Add as Link”
-Multiselect all the files in the previously empty folder. Right click and select “Properties”
-Set “Copy to Output Directory” to “Copy if Newer” Close the properties window
-Drag the files to the actual folder that the game will be looking for them in (ex: SB in the SBPhone project)

Data file Protip for the WinPhone C# project editor: Let the editor help you pick the right version of the files.
If you are including files that are versioned across platforms, add the highest priority folder first. EG: Add files from the SBWinPhone directory, then the SBWin8 directory, then the SBMac directory, then the SBIphone directory.
When you drag from the dummy folder into the real folder, it will only copy items that do not already exist in the real folder. You can then remove the remaining items from the project.

Query memory use:
(use %llu with printf)


To install a pre-built binary:
You can deploy your signed bar file using the blackberry-deploy utility included in the bin folder.   Follow the instructions here:  Make sure the device is in developer mode.

./blackberry-deploy -installApp -password DEVICE_PASSWORD_HERE -device IP_ADDRESS_OF_DEVICE -package /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Downloads/Apps_for_the_Dev_Alpha/

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